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Since 2005 The mediocre show has been bringing you independent talk radio that is strikingly average.

recorded live on 5/28/08 at 9pm eastern on cringe humor radio.
this episode almost didn't happen.
4 minutes before the show started, the mixer broke. so yeah that is quite expensive, and we don't have the money to replace it. so please stop by and click the paypal button at the bottom of the page to make a donation and help us get back on our feet.
that being said, this show was doomed.
though we did some toasts.
made some corrections.
recapped our trip to rhode island.
did a top 5.
and then we gave up.
oh also, matt was sick.
thanks for listening.
live call in number: 610.624.1702
voicemail line: 206.666.5900
streaming provided by
seriously, we need your help to get a new mixer.
PLEASE donate to help us out.

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