mediocre show (video and audio)
Since 2005 The mediocre show has been bringing you independent talk radio that is strikingly average.
mediocre 55 (314-603-2707)
a toast to a political leader.
mediocre legal battle.
crackhead neighbors.
a new service.
crazy drunk broads.
nj still smells.
soa is over.
be respectful of bar bathrooms.
drunkard tally.
nick from MO wants YOU to call him. 314.603.2707
cable dating.
taylor is NOT from the streets.
come see us on sept 16 at playtime in edison NJ.
come to the khyber pub in philly on sunday nights to listen to eric dj, and drink as much as you can for only 10 bucks. 56 s. second street.
thanks for listening.
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