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Since 2005 The mediocre show has been bringing you independent talk radio that is strikingly average. Eric Tomorrow, Hope, and Mike Pilot broadcast weekly live from Philadelphia, to a group of dedicated worldwide fans that call themselves the Mediocre Nation. The show features weekly segments, listener calls, and independent music. The Mediocre Show is not a zainy morning zoo program filled with stunts and whacky hi-jinx, it’s 2 guys that aren’t afraid to tell you what you should be thinking. Tune in every week at 9pm eastern on arecibo radio. Call us live at 610.624.1702, or you can leave us a voicemail at 206.666.5900. Sit back, grab yourself a beer, and enjoy your journey to the middle of the road. You are the Mediocre Nation.
mediocre 67.
special guest woody in the studio.
ok it finally got cold.
burn down your redneck house.
woody brings the notes.
orlando guy.
go pick up beefy's new record tube technology.
song from beefy: Buy this CD.
the cold has made PA insane.
cable dating.
TB has sold us out.
love hate.
and that is about it, yet it's still almost 2 hours,booya.
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come to the khyber pub in philly on sunday nights to listen to eric dj, and drink as much as you can for only 10 bucks. 56 s. second street. thanks for listening. 206.666.5900 /
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