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mediocre 88 (digital pants mammal)
taylor hurt his back, so scott tomorrow is sitting in for this one. taylor will be back and we will resume 2 shows a week starting with episode 89.
big ups to LC and timmy on getting older.
the sad state of television.
including the glory days when Mr. T was king.
something is horribly wrong in atlanta.
some music from kenny masters to cleanse the pallet.
the super quick version of the news
shanty or not a shanty?
tons of confessions, you people are seriously sick. like, it kinda freaks me out.
dropping bikes sucks
but buy eric's motorcycle anyway so he can get his new harley. seriously, fully running bike, inspected in PA, only 1,000 bucks.
buy some damn merch from the website, we are poor. / 206.666.5900

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