mediocre show (video and audio)
Since 2005 The mediocre show has been bringing you independent talk radio that is strikingly average.
mediocre 80 (better late than never?)
taylor is not sorry.
toasts to robyn from the chevre show and sto jr. from puckertime.
ways to get thrown in jail, with special guest fat scott.
joe's cop story.
taylor abuses cats.
sarah checks in.
cheese in the mail?
i guess rachel needs a new name.
bit of a bummer.
the mediocre nation is a bunch of sex perverts.
hot peppers on the balls.
some news.
wisconsin is worse than florida.
the big TB reveal.
happy birthday to jenny.
album art for episode 80 by jess in canada
we need your itunes reviews.
keep it posi.

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