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mediocre 96 (junk riders)
it's been a few weeks. you know that, we know that, let's get past it.
we had some computer trouble. hardware/software/then hardware again.
it's not as though we took a vacation, in fact it has been more stressful than normal for us. so, it seems as though you survived the time without it, and for that i applaud you.
now, on to the business:
as you can imagine, we had quite a backlog of voicemails. we do our best to wade our way through them. we also had a special guest on the show, by the name of alex, he's a tattoo artist.
also, we had some corrections.
some beautiful singing from the mediocre nation.
some confessions, and believe it or not, that took over 2 hours. so i guess we'll save the love/hates, and trucker buddy for episode 97. which will be coming when taylor gets back from riding his new motorcycle from arizona to portland.
thanks for sticking with us, and we have some exciting announcements coming very soon. but in the meantime you should donate to the show so we can get some new gear and avoid delays like this in the future.
call us, we miss you as much as you missed us.
206.666.5900 /

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