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mediocre 90 (saving the world one episode at a time)
cable dating with klint.
most expensive belt EVER.
always keep your receipt.
minnesota moment.
old people have lost their damn minds.
DNA is ruining everything.
dear myspace attention whores.
home dentistry.
what what?
love hate.
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mediocre 89 (dear ohio)
amazing intro songs.
what happened to taylor last week.
just a small town girl.
the unharshed mellow is back
open letter to ohio.
hell of a weekend in philly.
taylor drinks too much if you ask me.
it's a new record!
now thats an appetizer.
brazilian metal karaoke.
call them out.
hang on for sundays show, it'll be a wild ride.
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mediocre 88 (digital pants mammal)
taylor hurt his back, so scott tomorrow is sitting in for this one. taylor will be back and we will resume 2 shows a week starting with episode 89.
big ups to LC and timmy on getting older.
the sad state of television.
including the glory days when Mr. T was king.
something is horribly wrong in atlanta.
some music from kenny masters to cleanse the pallet.
the super quick version of the news
shanty or not a shanty?
tons of confessions, you people are seriously sick. like, it kinda freaks me out.
dropping bikes sucks
but buy eric's motorcycle anyway so he can get his new harley. seriously, fully running bike, inspected in PA, only 1,000 bucks.
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mediocre 87 (the crunchy hairs)
toast to taylor's spirit animal.
the promo of the century by .
gas pump concerts.
eric does not understand drug terms at all.
seatards are making a comeback.
jesus vs satan.
dear rednecks.
a mediocre nod to the catholic church.
please leave us some reviews on itunes, the christian comedy podcast is beating us again, what the crap is that about?
big shout out to paul from south philly for the new drops.
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be safe out there on your bikes, seriously.

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mediocre 86 (the florida of europe)
how to name your baby.
sweet dog action.
kids bone down.
other kids need a skillset.
trucker buddy.
cern fails.
love/ hate
this episode is a bit shorter than normal. but it's all good.
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mediocre 85 (more sniz)
a christmas story.
the karate dog.
what's wrong with society.
tour of doom/how to almost kill a canadian.
real life police academy in philly.
more messages about taylor.
disney sex scandal.
who are you chasing?
who bites their wives?
and a bunch of other stuff.
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mediocre 84(weird in the pants)
recent events recap.
some requests.
inside kids revisited.
matt's car history.
music industry rant.
cable dating.
93 pounds of panties.
uncle eddie.
more florida news.
trucker buddy.
porn defacement.
wild cherry projectile vomiting.
love hate.
wrap up.
thanks for sticking with us.
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