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this is the first part of the 2 part drunksgiving special.
please to be enjoying.
keep an eye out for part 2 in the next couple days.
thanks to everyone who showed up.

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brought to you by the letter Q.
hosted by eric tomorrow.

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brought to you by the letter P.
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recorded live 11/11/09 at 8pm eastern on cringe humor radio.
this is normally the place where i would tell you what happened on the show last night. however, i think it might be more exciting if you got to listen with no advance warning to the shenanagins that you are about to listen to. i'll say this much, it's a whirlwind adventure.
and thanks to nikki for entering the noss challenge (even though noss has disappeared) by buying us some gear for the studio.

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recorded live 11/4/09 at 8pm eastern on cringe humor radio.
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codmw2 with big stephen.
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the letter O.
hosted by eric tomorrow.
support these bands, buy their stuff, don't steal music.

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