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Since 2005 The mediocre show has been bringing you independent talk radio that is strikingly average.
mediocre 72 (propcicles? fair enough.)
stickers have all shipped, if you want some you better get on it, they are almost gone.
weekly corrections.
tory needs a name.
state farm is screwed.
football update.
what's wrong with youtube.
"big storm"
insane news.
router's phone number 817 881 4488
love hate.
we get a bit political.
some plugs.
live show #73 wed. 1/17/07 at 10 pm eastern. for more information go to
special thanks to bk geoff for being a good sport about the bet we made for the show opener.
send presents for eric's birthday next week.
as a new years gift, you should totally write us a review on itunes.
come to the khyber pub in philly on sunday nights to listen to eric dj, and drink as much as you can for only 10 bucks. 56 s. second street.
thanks for listening.
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